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"Once a photograph of the Earth, taken from outside, is available ... a new idea, as powerful as any in history, will be let loose.”  
– Fred Hoyle, 1948
Astronomer and originator of the term ‘Big Bang’
About the Overview Institute of Australia
The Overview Institute of Australia is an educational organization affiliated with and authorized by the Overview Institute (founded in the United States in 2008) and is dedicated to helping people of all ages deepen their experience of the planetary perspective - revealed and enhanced through visions of the Earth from space. The impact of this big-picture awareness is known as the Overview Effect and it unfolds as a powerful shift in an individual’s worldview. Sensing the planet from orbit or the moon gives one a greatly expanded perspective and establishes a new set of relationships; to one’s local eco-community, to the biosphere, and to the planet as a whole, nested as it is within the larger context of the solar system.
The Overview Institute of Australia seeks to fulfill the following directives:

  • Informing the Australian public about the Overview Effect and communicating this information to audiences of all ages and circumstances. This includes teaching groups and individuals different ways to begin to sense aspects of the inner experience of the Overview Effect, its healing potentials, and its value as a catalyst for generating positive outcomes in these times of great change.

  • Inspiring individuals and groups to participate in their own unique ways from the life-enhancing perspectives generated by the Overview. The big-picture effect of the Planetary Oveview can powerfully change peoples’ thinking and behaviour.

  • Bringing into the public domain the major advances of high-definition digital media, from the Internet-connected desktop to immersive three-dimensional simulation media and virtual reality. These technologies, as well as other forms of artistic expression, will assist earthbound audiences to approach some of the empowering elements of the Planetary Overview without the immense expense of actually going into space.

  • Monitoring the progress of the various developments within the commercial space industry regarding the Overview Effect. It is now expected that tens of thousands of people will, in the near future, experience the space environment and be far enough from the surface of the Earth to grasp aspects of the Overview Effect. Such flights will make this effect of space travel available to many more than the fewer than 600 astronauts who have flown in space since manned space exploration began. 

  • Promoting and supporting these and other life-enhancing directives to move the human family into states of greater understanding, compassion, co-operation and peaceful co-existence without further compromise to the life-support systems of the ‘fragile oasis’ that is ‘Spaceship Earth’.  A follow-on from these directives can be seen at:

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As both astronauts and eminent cultural observers have predicted,

the Overview Effect of space will soon become one of the dominant forces in shaping our world in the coming decade and beyond.” 


     - David Beaver  -  Cognitive researcher and Co-founder of the Overview Institute (USA)

Further - deeper
VIDEO:  Meditative Experience - earth from space in real time 
Further - deeper
Video:   Profound Contemplation - From Cosmic to planetary Overview 
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