The Overview Institute of Australia is dedicated to educating the general populations of Australia, New Zealand and Asia about the powerful change in world view generated when seeing Earth from space.


Earthbound humans cannot, it seems, actually have the full Overview Effect. This experience can be understood intellectually to some degree, but repeatedly we have heard from astronauts that no matter how much they had imagined what it would be like to see the Earth from space, nothing could ever really prepare them for the startling power of the actual experience - an experience so profound and impactful that it didn’t seem to diminish over time. Seeing the Earth from space continued to captivate and arrest the attention of nearly all who had the exposure, even over periods of many months in space.


The O.I.A. offers programs that are about the cognitive science underpinning the overview effect and the future implications for such powerful shifts in worldview. Our inspirational 30 to 60 minute Introductory Programs are suitable for primary schools, high schools, universities, religious organisations, smaller companies, professional organisations, clubs and corporations.

“In the future, I think we will increasingly see ourselves a part of a great continuum. We will have a much larger perspective and will see ourselves being part of something bigger than humanity and as part of the whole universe.” 
~ Space Shuttle astronaut - Al Sacco, Jr.  from The Overview Effect by Frank White  (2014)

Astronaut - Al Sacco, Jr.

We believe that if the visitors to this website acquaint themselves with the materials and videos found here they will not need convincing about the ramifications of this kind of transformative experience. How this will continue to transform our modern culture and shift the minds and hearts of an ever-growing number of human beings is a question that begs asking, especially as commercial space flight becomes a reality, along with the emergence on the world stage of ultra-high-definition immersive virtual reality group presentations. The technology already exists for this "near-overview experience" aimed at the many millions of what Overview Institute (USA) co-founder Frank White referred to as - ground-based 'terranauts'. (1) 


To book our Introductory Programs as mentioned above, or to co-design a longer program containing greater transformative process content for your organisation or unique circumstances, or to find out more about how you might be involved in this work or in the emerging virtual reality technology, either as a participant, or an investor, contact us.  


For other programs that offer specific approaches

utilising Overview thinking and living - see the website:   Planetary Human

“On long duration flights, we do have the chance to look out the window more often than on short duration flights. What is impressive about it is that no matter how many times you do it, you are just in awe every time you look out. You can pass over the same place and see something new and different you didn’t see before, or see something that struck you the first time about how beautiful and clear and glowing the planet is. I hits you the same every time you look out the window."  (1)

~ Nicole P Stott - Astronaut, ISS Expeditions 20/21, STA 133 


"I really believe that if the political leaders of the world could see their planet from a distance of … 100,000 miles, their outlook would be fundamentally changed. The all-important border would be invisible, that noisy argument suddenly silenced. The tiny globe would continue to turn, serenely ignoring it subdivisions, presenting a united façade that would cry out for unified treatment … I think the view from 100,000 miles could be invaluable in getting people together to work out joint solutions, by causing them to realise that the planet we share unites us in a way far more basic and far more important than differences in skin colour or religion or economic system.”  (1)

~ Michael Collins - Astronaut, Gemini 10, Apollo 11 ~ Carrying the Fire, 2009

Video:   'Earthrise' - with Apollo 8 Astronauts 
VIDEO:  former Astronaut Chris Hadfield Shares his experiences of seeing earth from space

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All photos of Earth from space are courtesy of NASA.

All quotes by astronauts courtesy of the books: (1) The Overview Effect by Frank White - and - (2) The Home Planet by Kevin W. Kelly.