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The Overview Institute of Australia offers presentations to a variety of audiences; from primary school children to professionals, scientists, academics, teachers, and members of society from all walks of life.


Some of  the  presenter from the first International Overview Symposium held in the Netherlands: 

RW Group Netherlands.jpg
Overview Group 2017-11-03 09.21.23.jpg

Engaging lectures and activities help participants into processes to deepen their experiential understanding of The Overview Effect.

Primary school  students have fun learning about the planetary overview and how that could help to bring about a brighter future.


Students can become excited as they begin considering ways they might be involved in making it a better world.

OIA ~ group meditation.jpg

Immersion through powerful process-work makes each presentation a true learning experience. This kind of direct involvement allows participants  to move beyond just ideas and into viscerally felt expansions of awareness that actually touch upon the beginnings of the overview effect. This can generate motivation toward  new ways of being in the world that honour the life-systems of our home planet. 

Earth from Space w_ Milky Way .jpg
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